The UK’s Largest Indoor Christmas ThemePark!

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Winter Wonderland Manchester for 4 years now! Creating an annual Promotional Video for promoting their incredible Christmas theme park, jam packed With rides and live shows! Check it out HERE.

This year, Winter Wonderland Manchester purchased our Social Media Add-On! Which allowed us to create the following Promotional Videos:

– 3 minute Promo for their 2017 ThemePark

– 1 minute ‘Santa’s Gearing Up For Christmas’ Short Film (Click HERE for details on our work in Drama)

– 3 short Teasers which focused on specific shows and rides!

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2016 Launch Promo of their newly opened Santa’s Grotto!

2017 Winter Wonderland Manchester Promo!

‘Santa’s gearing Up For Christmas’ – A special short film we created in 2017 to promote the theme parks Grotto!