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Why Do You Need A Promotional Video?

Here at Walsh Film we dedicate ourselves to creating Quality Video Content for Businesses to help drive their businesses forward in Digital Marketing! Whether you are a Small Business just starting out, a Large Scale Event, a Charity or a Touring Live Show, we’ll have a Video Service to suit you!

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Small Business Promo

Have you just opened a new business? Launched a new range of products? Or hosting a small event? Create a Promotional Video that gives you the chance to Tell Your Story, Display your Products/Services and Promote it to the World!!

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Social Media Package

Are you looking for a package that can produce several different videos for all your social media pages? Perhaps videos in varying length and topic? Then this is the the package for you.

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Large Events Promo

We’ve created Promotional Content for ‘Winter Wonderland Manchester’ for 4 Years now! Book Walsh Films today to Shoot and Edit Quality Marketing Content to drive up your Ticket Sales!

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Live Show Recordings

We’ve recorded shows for ‘Rainbow’ and Sky 1’s ‘Daisy and Ollie’! So if you are touring the UK with your own Live Show Book Walsh Films today!

OR You can also contact us if you are a School, College or University looking to get your plays and performances recorded for Friends and Family!

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Drama – Short Films

We Cast Actors, Hire Crew and Produce High Quality Short Films or Re-enactment Documentaries to Raise Awareness of your New Event, Company or Charity!

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Charity Work

Walsh Films are always happy to accept requests from charities across the UK to aid in creating Video Content for their Social Media to Raise Awareness and Increase Funding for their cause. 

Learn more about our Charity Promo Video Services Below!

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