Suffering In Silence

Walsh Films’ Most Challenging Yet Rewarding Documentary Drama’s To Date.

Walsh Films worked with the South Wales charity SAFE AS to create a 20 minute documentary that told the stories of 4 young boys who had suffered domestic abuse. The film aimed to spread awareness of the cycle of abuse found in men who have suffered abuse as a child. The Charity worked with young boys to help prevent this cycle of abuse from happening, and guiding them to better choices. The film was funded by Comic Relief and was shown in schools, as a way of educating children in how they can seek help, if they were to find themselves in similar circumstances. The film was also used a training tool for staff within the charity.

Below is the incredible Poster Art Work for ‘Suffering In Silence’. Drawn by the wonderfully talented Claire Crawford. Please find her work on her website Created By Claire Crawford

Please find below the Official Trailer for ‘Suffering in Silence’. 

Please find below the Full Film of ‘Suffering In Silence’. This film was premiered in Cardiff in 2016 at The Chapter Arts Centre and was greeted by a standing ovation. This film has truly been a an incredible project that Walsh Films are very proud of.