Why Do You Need A Short Promotional Video For Your Large Event?

Are you about to host a large event? But you’re not sure how to Market it online? Promotional Videos are CRUCIAL to the success of your online marketing!! Not only can you showcase everything you have to offer to the public, we can give your event personality, you can introduce an owner to the event and offer promotions! Its the perfect way to reach customers from far and wide, and drive up your ticket sales!!

So What Promo Could You Create?

We understand that every Event is unique and so every Promotional Video we create for each Large Event will be unique!

– The simplest option is that we attend and cover the event, including detailed coverage of performances, stalls and customers enjoying themselves, and edit something special for you. For Example, click HERE for our recent work with Winter Wonderland Manchester. 

– You could create a documentary style promo, with interviews, allowing you, as the event host, to tell the story behind your Event. 

– You could allow clients and customers to sell your company through on the spot reviews/testimonials. View an example HERE.

– Or you could even create a short film, telling a fictional story within your event. See an example HERE where we created ‘Santa’s Gearing Up For Christmas’ which marketed the event Winter Wonderland Manchester!

In terms of the format and style, we will of course have a good first idea of what we can offer you, but putting forward your own ideas allows us to grasp a better idea of your Event’s personality, and can therefore create something Unique to you!


How Much Will It Cost and Why?

You Are Paying For:

– Full day hire of a Videographer with equipment

– Full day hire of a Sound Recordist with equipment

– Dialogue and Footage Edit on Final Cut Pro

– 5 Day Turn Around!

Each Large Event Promo is: £500

(Depending on the scale of the event, in order to capture everything within the allotted time, an extra videographer may need to be hired at an extra cost of £150. However, this will be assessed during discussions with you) 

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Want More From Your Video Content?

Do you want to Market your Large Event across all your Social Media Accounts?

And do you perhaps want more than just ONE video?

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