Why Drama?

Drama is the most creative way to promote your business or charity. If your business has an incredible story to tell, or perhaps a fictional story that represents your business, Drama can promote your business in a much more powerful way that general Video promotion ever could!

So What Could Walsh Films Create For You?

Charities – often, Charities use this style of film to tell the stories of the people they care for or work with. This can be an extremely powerful way of raising awareness of your charities focus. For example, re-enacting violence, drug abuse, homelessness, poverty etc.

Please see our film ‘Suffering in Silence’, where we worked with the Charity Safe As, to raise awareness about domestic violence and its effect on young boys. 

Themed Events (e.g. Halloween, Christmas Events) – Drama is much more creative and fun way of promoting a themed event! For example, we could create a zombie film to promote a zombie run or haunted house! 

Please see our film ‘Santa’s Gearing Up For Christmas’, a short film we created for Winter Wonderland Manchester to promote their new Santa’s Grotto!


How Much Will It Cost and Why?

Every Drama will vary in cost, depending on the scale of the project and the amount of days required to shoot. Costs Include:

– Payment of Actors

– Payment of Crew (Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Make Up…etc)

– Costs of hiring Equipment

– Cost of Expenses (food, set decor and props)

If you are interested in creating a Drama with Walsh Films please contact us with a minimum and maximum budget, and we will pitch concepts to your business that come within your budget.

If you are still unsure, please do get in touch with us and we can discuss your options and what we can offer your business!