The Head Soundie

The Head Soundie – Who is Jack Lynskey?

Hi guys. I’m Jack Lynskey, Co-Director and Head of Sound for Walsh Films. I’ve written a short blog on my involvement with Walsh Films and having the opportunity to work along side Shannon. Enjoy! 

Choosing a Career in Film

It all started when I was working part time at the Odeon cinema in Warrington. I had been working there for nearly a year whilst studying for an acting qualification. I’d worked a few gigs as an extra on dramas such as Coronation Street and feature film ’71’. I was so unsure as to what I wanted to do with my life at the time, but I knew it had to be something to do with making film… Shannon then joined the Odeon team at Christmas 2014, and our endless discussions about making movies suddenly opened my eyes to the possibilities behind the camera. I first got involved with Walsh Films, when it got its first big break through, ‘Suffering in Silence’. It was my first experience behind the camera, and I was open to learning everything I could. I assisted during the auditioning process, budgeting and scheduling the script, and running errands during the shoot. It was an amazing experience and it gave me a good idea of the kind of roles I could pursue.  

Me and Shannon then began to date! We have been together for nearly 4 years now. During our early days we used to do work placements together on short films in Leeds. Shannon was an assistant director, and I was a runner still trying to find my feet. Until one day, I picked up a Boom Pole!

The Magic of the Boom Pole

On one of our work placements for Rossi Pictures, their Boom Operator failed to show up. The Director asked if I could fill in, and before I could say yes, I was stood out on set holding a boom pole over a couple of WW2 soldiers! (Pictured below) And I knew straight away, this was the department for me. Within 3 months I had my own kit and was enrolled in a course in Sound for Film. I began freelancing on commercials and short projects in the North West, and the rest is history really! I started to get work on Emmerdale, which turned in to work on Coronation Street, which gave me the contacts for a gig on a CBBC show, which turned into a Sky 1 series…etc, etc! Its been an absolute blast!! And I wouldn’t swap it for the world. 

Head Soundie!

While me and Shannon progressed in our television careers, we were working on Walsh Films during any free time we could find. Working weekends and holidays to make sure it kept busy. And I of course appointed myself Head Soundie! Working on all the production sound, SFX, and sound scapes of all the videos we create.

More Than Just a Side Hustle

Since Shannon was diagnosed with chronic pain at the beginning of 2018, I’ve noticed a huge difference in the company. Shannon was understandably gutted to lose her career in television, and this year has been devastating to say the least, but Shannon suddenly found herself in a position to finally give the company the attention it deserved. Its been fantastic to work along side Shannon this year to test the company’s potential, develop its brand and expand its crew and clients. And I hope the success continues!

Its honestly been an absolute blast these past 4 years. My life has taken on the most incredible direction. I’ve gone from serving popcorn, to working with Sean Bean! It feels like we are now spearheading this company in a terrific direction and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Thanks for reading! Next week we’ll be telling you all about our short charity film ‘Suffering In Silence’.