The Formation of Walsh Films

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The Formation of Walsh Films

Hi There! Welcome to the Walsh Films site, and welcome to our very first blog entry! We thought it might be nice to introduce the company and give you a little summary of how Walsh Films was created. 

Let’s start at the very beginning (Its a very good place to start…) 

It all started with the founding mother of Walsh Films, Shannon Walsh. Currently an Assistant Director for ITV and Channel 4, Shannon began her dream of making movies as a child, obsessed with Hollywood blockbusters and making pain stakingly long movies about her pets! Whilst gaining her degree in Film Production in 2014 at the University of South Wales, Shannon originally created Walsh Films as a way of expressing her creativity in short narratives and avant garde films.

‘Better To Have Loved?’

In her final year, Shannon produced the company’s first successful piece, titled ‘Better To Have Loved?’, which depicted the ups and downs of an abusive relationship through the medium of contemporary dance. See it HERE. The film was screened in various festivals around the world, which resulted in an offer for Walsh Films to produce a Lottery funded short film for a child abuse charity in Cardiff.

‘Suffering in Silence’

This film was their biggest production yet, with 12 actors, a 20 person crew and a 25 page script. The film was based on true stories about 4 boys who were suffering different types of abuse at home. The film was a great success, with a premier screening in Cardiff in 2016. It has since been used in charity training sessions and courses on addiction and substance misuse. You can watch ‘Suffering in Silence’ HERE: 


Charity Work

Walsh Films was suddenly a company with drive, success and nation wHorse Sanctuary Donkey Sanctuary Animal Welfare Animal Abuse Hope Pastures Clapper Board Filmmakerside connections! Shannon realised its potential and found a new passion to work for non profit organisations. While working on corporate events and small business promos, Walsh Films continued to support different charities across the UK, creating promotional fundraising videos, free of charge. Walsh Films has since worked with animal welfare groups, children’s charities and bereavement charities and continues to work alongside charity leaders to help make a difference. 


Partnering with Jack Lynskey

As the work came in, Shannon turned to her partner, Jack Lynskey, for support. Jack’s work in the TV industry as a sound assistant on productions produced by BBC, Sky Atlantic and Amazon, became a vital part of the development of Walsh Films, and they decided to form a professional partnership, becoming Co-Directors of Walsh Films. 

SO what’s happening now?

Shannon and Jack currently shoot all their own material for local (Warrington) based businesses and events, as well as edit their own work. However, Walsh Films is now making steps to expand its work nationwide, and are currently developing a data base of Self Shooters.

We also have a few scripted projects up our sleeves for the near future! Watch This Space!


Next week we’ll be properly introduced to Shannon Walsh, the founder of Walsh Films and hear her side of the story.