Why Commercials?

Commercials are a fast and effective way to promote your business or charity. They can be quick and easy videos for you to get your marketing campaign started! Ranging in length to suit your needs videos, whether it is a simple 5 second clip for YouTube or a few minutes to complement your campaign and business, Walsh Films can handle it. With a creative and effective filming process we can create your ideal Commercial.

So What Could Walsh Films Create For You?

Charities –  This style of film can help show a lighter side or focus on other aspects of the Charity that may need help bringing awareness to. A quick but focused video can make all the difference.

Please see our commercial for ‘Hope Pastures – Feeding Time’, where we worked with the Charity Hope Pastures, to raise awareness for their Donkeys and other animals and how it is a place run by people volunteering their time and efforts. They bring injured, left or abused animals into the shelter for recovery and then are freed to safe farms and owners.

Themed Events (e.g. Halloween, Christmas Events) – A commercial is a fantastic way of promoting a themed event. We can make exciting, vivid and fun videos to showcase all parts of the event. Or if you prefer, a selection of videos showing off each aspect of the event in detail.