Why Do You Need A Short Promotional Video For Your Charity?

Are you a newly formed charity? Or perhaps a charity looking to raise more funds or promote a fundraising event? Promotional Videos are often Crucial to the success of your online marketing!! Not only can you spread awareness of your charity work, you can encourage the public to donate to your cause. Its the perfect way to expand your reach to a new audience and increase donations. 

So What Promo Could You Create?

– You could create a documentary style promo, with interviews, allowing you to tell the story behind your charity. Click HERE to watch ‘Four Paws’ a documentary for the charity Four Paws Animal Rescue in South Wales.

– You could allow members of your charity, or people you have worked with and cared for to explain their experiences with your charity, to add a more personal touch to your promo. Click HERE for an example of our work with Jack & Jill’s Pre-School.

– If you are hosting a fundraising event, we could simply attend and cover the event, including detailed coverage of performances, stalls and attendees enjoying themselves, and edit something special for you. For an example, click HERE for our ‘Easter Fund Raiser’ work with a Preschool in Warrington.

– IF, however, you are looking to make something very Special, Unique and perhaps much more Hard Hitting, we suggest you consider creating a Dramatic Promo/Short Film. Where we would create re-enactments with actors. This is an extremely effective way of raising awareness of an issue you feel extremely passionate about. For an example, please see our work ‘Suffering In Silence’ a film about domestic violence and its effect on young boys. (Drama Varies In Cost, Please Contact Us) 

Find Out More About ’Drama’

How Much Will It Cost?

Walsh Films are happy to receive requests from charities to create a short promotional video for your company, as a service to you and the incredible work you do.

We Offer: One 1-2 Minute Promo, with a half day shoot: FREE

Please Simply Contact Us and explain the story behind your charity and the work you do!

If you are interested in creating a Drama for your charity, Costs will vary depending on the scale of the project. Please see our ‘Drama’ Page for more details, or Contact Us to discuss!

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